Frequently Asked Questions
Covid 19 and the ticket availability

​Q: Will the event be held for sure?

A: We are committed to the event. Under extreme circumstances we can arrange so that only the fighters, the referees and the coaches would be in the room. The audience would watch the event via the Tiketti Stream service. 


Q: What restrictions will apply in the beginning of October? 

A: We, like everyone else, face uncertainty about this even when the situation is improving. At the moment our assumption is that fully vaccinated persons can attend events freely.


Q: How many tickets are available?

A: We offer 250 BASIC tickets and 50 VIP tickets.


Q: How can I be sure that my ticket is valid and I won’t lose the money? 

A: If you want to attend the event physically, it is best to gain vaccination and purchase a VIP ticket as soon as possible. If we need to cut the audience size, we will give priority to VIP ticket holders. Other tickets may need to be converted to Stream tickets if the restrictions become more severe. In that case we will of course reimburse the price difference. 


Q: Is there an upper limit to the number of Stream tickets? 

A: No. The Tiketti Stream tickets can certainly be used. But if you decide later that you want to attend the event physically, you will need to buy a completely new ticket. 


Q: Can I attend the event if I have had Covid-19 or by taking the test? 

A: In our view vaccination is the best method to avoid risk of serious disease. But if Finland in October accepts a covid passport where tested and recovered persons are included, we will follow the guidelines from authorities and widen access to these persons too.


Q: Are there other risks relevant to the event? 

V: Of course, unknown unknowns can always occur.

Compiled by Tero Weckroth

  •  BASIC  TICKET (25,00€)
  •  VIP  TICKET (75,00€)