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Daniil Solovyov


This young and talented chessboxer, from Russia, was immediately recognised when he debuted in Berlin. He is strong in chess and throws hard punches with his long reach in the ring. Thus it was not a surprise when he earned his Amateur World Championship title in 2017. Daniil is very athletic as besides being a successful chessboxer, he is also a triathlonist. The upcoming fight will be very interesting!


Year of birth: 1996


Profession: Personal driver


Current residency: Moscow

Chess ELO rating: 1700


Weight class: 75kg

Amount of matches:​ 14

How do people react in Russia when they hear about chessboxing?

Are you kidding me? The average Russian has never heard of chessboxing. If they do, they will probably just laugh at the idea of combining chess and boxing. However, things do change by time.



Please describe in short words how you got into chessboxing.


I was in the right place at the right time. I did some business in one of the parks in Moscow and there I accidentally met Marat Shakhmanov and Dmitry Pechurin, while they had a training session in chessboxing. I immediately realized that this was something interesting and I approached them in order to get acquainted.


Can one apply any tactical advantage from chess into boxing, and the other way around?


Of course, as both in chess and in boxing we should try to drive the opponent into a corner and deliver a crushing attack, which leads to victory.



Which Club do you represent?


The Intellectual Sports Interclub, WHITEHORSEMAN.



Is your background based mainly in chess or in boxing?

Hard to say, as they are quite equal. Maybe there is a slight emphasis in boxing, so my answer would be 45% chess and 55% boxing.



Which chessboxing match has been most important to you?


My every next fight is my most important one.



Why do you become either aggressive or defensive in chessboxing?


It all depends on my opponent, i.e. what level he is in boxing and chess. In addition, I always need to consider the current situation on the chessboard. So, if everything goes bad in chess, I will attack in boxing, regardless if my opponent is a professional boxer. That's my chessboxing style.



What do you expect from your upcoming opponent, Alexander Vassu, representing Finland?


I expect hard boxing from him, and this is what I love!



Is Helsinki already familiar to you?


No, I have not been in Helsinki before, so this will be my first visit. 

Finally, do you want to add anything?


I am very happy to participate in this chessboxing event. I would like to dedicate my fight to the memory of Iepe Rubingh, the man who created this wonderful sport and whose legacy has become an important part of my life.

Interviewed by Tero Pajunen. 

  • BASIC TICKET (25,00€)
  • VIP TICKET (75,00€)
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