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Frequently Asked Questions
Post Event Update 

​Q: So, what happened?

A: We always maintained that the event would be held, no matter what, even under severe restrictions. Luckily, they were lifted just 1 day prior to our event. We did not lift the recommendation for full vaccination but it was not controlled at the door. 

Q: How many people were there?

A: There were close to 250 people in the venue. In addition, over 100 stream tickets were sold.

Q: Can I watch the event somewhere?

A: If you have a stream ticket, you can watch the recording at TikettiThe link will direct you to the English commentary stream, but on the page you can switch the Finnish version. You can also buy a new stream ticket. This is possible for only 30 days after the event, though.

Q: I enjoyed it! Will there be a new event?

A: We have not yet decided this yet. But we love chessboxing and if possible, it would be great to make this a regular event.

Q: Where can I try chessboxing in Finland?

A: Currently the only place, which we are aware of, is located in Helsinki. Finnish Chessboxing Club train every saturday at 3-5 PM at the Savate Club – Training Center in Sörnäinen. Let us know in advance if you want join our training. A new beginners course will start in October!


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Compiled by Tero Weckroth

  • BASIC TICKET (25,00€)
  • VIP TICKET (75,00€)
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