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Matt Thomas

We are very proud to announce that Matt will fly from the USA to Helsinki for the event and he will utilise all his insight and knowledge as an native English speaking chessboxing commentator for the online stream viewers.


You have the challenge of commenting both chess and boxing rounds. What is your background?


I'm excited to do my best communicating the complexity and beauty of Chessboxing to our English-speaking audience! I grew up playing chess and participating in martial arts. I boxed competitively in college, then represented Team USA in the 90KG weight division in the 2018 and 2019 World Championships. I'm eager to step into the role of promoter and commentator for Chessboxing in this event and all future ones!


How did you end up as the chessboxing commentator?

After being eliminated from competition in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Championship, I joined Chessboxing Founder, Iepe Rubingh ringside to co-commentate the rest of the matches. In a conversation afterwards, Iepe encouraged me to step into the emcee role as the "Joe Rogan of Chessboxing," and I intend to do my best with his challenge. 


How do people react when you tell them about chessboxing?

Generally, one of two things happen. Either, they get it immediately, having participated in one of both of the athletic expressions. Or, they can't believe it is real and go down the rabbit hole on Google and YouTube that many in our community have to see how it works.

Do you have any idols – either in chess or in boxing?

I revere Muhammad Ali and Tyson Fury for standing for more than just fighting, having quick wit, and for being excellent at their chosen craft. I also look up to our passed founder, Iepe, with gratitude and duty to carry on what he started. 

Have you ever been to Finland? 

I've never been to Finland, but I am excited to have the opportunity to see Helsinki for about a week after the event. 

Anything you would like to add? 

You can find me at @MovingwithMatt on Instagram and via email.


See you ringside!

Interviewed by Tero Weckroth

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