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Registry description


Privacy statement – customer data register

Nordic Chessboxing Oy
Register Description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)


Nordic Chessboxing
Address: Lautatarhankatu 6/407, 00580 Helsinki
Person in charge of registration :

Tero Weckroth


Name of the personal register

Nordic Chessboxing Oy customer information register


Purpose of the processing of personal data


Privacy statement Customer data register:


The purpose of the processing of personal data is to organize chess boxing events and to inform customers interested in chess boxing about events in the chess boxing industry.


Information to be registered


The following information is entered in the personal register:

- First and last name

- Email address


Regular sources of information


Information relevant to the personal register is obtained on a regular basis in the following ways:

- Customers enter their personal information on the site


Disclosure of personal information


The information will not be passed on except to the authorities or other similar bodies, if required by law or a court decision


Registry security


1. Material in physical form There is no material in physical form.

2. Electronically stored data.


Information in electronic form will be stored in a Google Account that requires double authentication.


Right to inspect and correct data


The data stored in the register shall be provided to the data subject upon written application. All data of the data subject will be deleted from the register against the same signed application.

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