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Toni Huttunen

In order to ensure the safety of each chessboxer – in addition to following the rules, controlled by the boxing referee – a medical doctor is always at hand, who will immediately examine all possible injuries. We are happy to announce Toni, as the official medical doctor of the event.


Have you practiced chess or boxing yourself?

No, I haven't. Boxing I have never tried, chess maybe twice. But I think my win rate in chess is close to 100%.

What do you think of chess and boxing in the same combination sport?

It's hard to tell but the concept is absolutely fascinating. I think that there are some same qualities needed in both of these sports and boxing of course adds the muscle dimension on the table. I personally prefer watching sports where brain or cunning is needed and chessboxing certainly seems to fit that. As a neurologist I always have some sort of concern about boxing but chess rounds might work as an indicator during the fight, signalling if everything is ok with the fighters.



Do you expect the chessboxing doctor duties to differ from the traditional boxing doctors duties?

I have some background with ice-hockey, boxing and MMA as a doctor but none with chess. So I'm confident that everything will go fine during boxing rounds but chess rounds might cause some stress for me. Over all I'd guess that it doesn't differ that much from boxing or other combat sports.


Medically speaking, what kind of qualities makes a perfect chessboxer?

As I said, I think that there is same kind of qualities needed in both boxing and chess playing. You'll have to read the game and think ahead a few moves in case you will need them. I don't know what is the fitness condition of a average chess player but it probaply differs from chessboxer's. I would say that a perfect chessboxer certainly is not afraid of challenges.

Do you want to add something?

I'm really looking forward for this event. In my day job I try to take care of people's brains. Using your brain and exercising regularly are the best ways to keep your upstairs in good condition so chessboxing seems to be a very good way to take care of yourself. Just don't hit your heads too hard.

Interviewed by Tero Weckroth

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