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Alexander Vassu


Alexander Vassu was a tough fighter in the recent years. This technical and clever boxer fought a whopping 200 boxing matches in his career. He won 5 Finnish Championships and that tells something about his talents. Recently, chess has become a part of his life and now he is ready to rise into the chessboxing ring. Vassu is an entertaining fighter, who have plenty of neat tricks in his sleeves. Lets see what kind of show he will bring us!


Year of birth: 1990


Profession: Freight train traffic


Current residency: Kangasala, Finland

Chess ELO rating: 1200


Weight class: 75kg


  • 200 Olympic style

  • 1 Professional fight

Was sports part of your life already as a child?

Yes. I started Russian folk dance at the age of 5, but after moving to Finland I quit dancing and went to a boxing gym.



How long time have you been boxing and what has been your most important fight?


I have been boxing for about 15 years. It’s quite hard to select a specific importan fight, as I have done a lot of matches. However, winning the Tammer Tournament and the Finnish championship has been really important to me.


How would you describe your boxing style?


In my best days I was quite fast and technical. In addition, and to be honest, also a bit lazy.



What, or who, got you into chessboxing?


Sakari Lähdenrinne.



Do you have any preferable chess openings?

Not yet, but at the moment I’m studying different kind of openings.



Do you follow and analyze online chess games?


Sometimes. I like to watch Agadmators chess channel.



Are there any similarities in chess and boxing?


Both sports are extremely tactical.



What is the hardest part in chessboxing (why)?


Chess, due to lack of experience – in comparison to my boxing skills.



How do you know the current chessboxing world champion, Sakari Lähderinne (75 kg)?


Through amateur boxing. We met at the age of 13 and are still good friends.

What do you expect from your upcoming opponent, Daniil Solovyov, representing Russia?


He is young and hungry. He will definitely be a hard to stop in boxing, as well as in chess, but I'm ready.

How are you going to train and prepare yourself to the upcoming fight?


I will train like Rocky, so I’m going to be a beast in October.

Any last words?


Vassu is back, with chess!

Interviewed by Tero Pajunen. 

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